Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glory Glory

Introducing: SoulSpeak. Handmade Art lovingly made for You.

Writer, you know the flavor and taste of just the right word.  
Composer, music is like a singing bird swooping through your heart. 
Traveler, the breath of new land feels like home and adventure converging.
Everyone's soul is saying something.
SoulSpeak handmade art is an outpouring of Creativity and Life and Joy. It's for the Joy of making things, the Joy of beauty, the for the Joy of encouraging women, and for the Joy of glorious glory of God.

Today I will be making my first delivery to a shop nearby called CrackerJax!
I'm excited to sell there!
Love for you to make a visit to Soulspeak' Etsy store
The link is located on the right side of the blog.
Feel free to ask quesitons and share comments with me
and love your prayers as well.
Soulspeak is on Facebook: Sarah Soulspeak


                           What is your soul saying?
                               Joy <3 SoulSpeak <><