Monday, March 9, 2015

Soulspeak SPRING Dresses!

Introducing the latest from Soulspeak....SPRING Dresses!

It feels so good to accomplish the creation of something you've imagined for a long time doesn't it?
The time comes when you know you need to let go of creating in your mind and actually go for making in reality.

We had our photoshoot for the dresses and it was SO fun. Especially when one of your models has BLUE HAIR.

I loved seeing the dresses ON PEOPLE. Something happened when they came off the hanger and took shape, filled with the beauty and spirit of the person wearing them. It's really interesting how they work on both ladies although they clearly have different style personas.

It was also fun to style the dresses with accessories like jackets and a sweater.
Are you a personal stylist to anyone?
I love styling people!

One of my favorite things were the smiles on my models faces!

We had a great time together! 

The dress I'm wearing is the first one I ever made.
Puppies and kitties pattern, ch...yaaa!

Here they are!

Handmade and one of a kind <3

A portion of each dress purchase will go to help someone in need.

with love, 
Soulspeak <><

Friday, March 6, 2015

Mint & Chocolate

Hello Soulspeakers!

What are your favorite colors?
Mine has always been chocolate, but mint is a quick second!

Originally the Soulspeak Blog was mostly business update and advertisement focused.

I will still share creative process and and finished pieces, but you'll also read more personal stories from my life.

Africa aka Florida Photoshoot with my bestie

The first dress I made with a perfect puppy kitty pattern and velvet belt.

I am so excited to share about my jobs as a K-12 Art teacher and Worship Coordinator, exploits in Culinary Experimentation and Travel, and things I'm learning about life and God.

After School Art Class

Summer Art Camp K-6 grades

Worship in Chapel 7-12 grades

                                                                      Mushroom Garlic Quinoa

Believe it or not this is Alabama!

God gives GREAT Surprises in His perfect timing.

SO excited to be back with new vibes!

Souslpeak. What's yours saying?

with Love and Hope,
Soulspeak <><