Monday, August 1, 2011

The Creative Process Part 1

In college our professors talked about the Creative Process a lot. 
At that time i didn't really get what they meant. i feel like i got a nibble of it, but barely a bite
Now as i am experimenting with different media and pursuing excellence for you myself and for God in a business type arena i am getting a richer bite :)

Things i am learning:

1. I nearly never make something "perfect" the first time.

2. There's a crazy balance between working like a little Thomas Edison or Albert Einsten to INVENT and making sure you still eat, sleep, pray, and talk to people. haha i'm serious.

3. It's important to balance sPonTanEity with plannedness

A few ARTY bites for you to chew on :)
Lastly, i want to say:

I feel free when i make art because i feel like the "mistakes" i make aren't ever big and maybe are not mistakes at all. 

Let your Soulspeak!
<3 Sarah <><

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